I'm a 25 year old content creator from the UK. I've been an avid gamer (on PC in particular) for most of my life, having started with Unreal and Quake at a pretty young age. Although I play and enjoy a huge variety of genres, my preference has always been games with a competitive nature—particularly shooters. Currently I mostly play Overwatch, but I'm keeping my eyes open for other interesting titles.

I only create content on a part-time basis; the rest of the time I'm working self-employed as a writer for InvenGlobal and GamingCurios. I try keep an active online presence elsewhere too, you can find me on various social media platforms and other sites over in the links tab.


I've been creating video content for Youtube for a pretty long time, and I've never been particularly organised. I'm trying to correct that, and as a first step I've created a schedule so that you'll always know when to expect fresh content.

From this point forward, you can expect a new Youtube video every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You'll also catch me streaming every Wednesday and Friday evening (UK timezone), although I reserve the right to throw in a spontaneous stream or video now and again too!